More About Events

Learn about the types of events that are available to register for. Challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone and find out what you’re really made of.

Mud Run

You'll enjoy particioating in a mud run if you like running, and you like getting muddy. There will also be obstacles to break up the run. The length of these runs can vary between 3 and 12 miles. The shorter mud runs are very family friendly. Longer distances will have more obstacles and will require a higher level of fitness. Unlike most running events, upper body strength will be just as important as lower body strength to get through the obstacles. Some obstacles will also require teamwork; we're all in this together so don't be afraid to help a stranger and be helped! Participants have the option to skip any obstacle. There will be safety nets and other precautions, so don't be afraid to chellenge yourself!

Ragnar Relay

Ragnar Events can vary widely in length because they are split into several relay legs and require a team of runners to participate. Most relays will take place over several days, but runners get through it by sleeping in the van while their teammates run. Many participant teams exercise the option to choose a team theme, make their own t-shirts and paint the team van; just get into it and have fun!

Color Run

Color runs are pretty self-explanatory. The length a the run will vary, but usually on the shorter side, and very enjoyable for family and friends! Each runner will be given a relatively small bag filled with brightly colored powder to throw up in the air and get on everyone!


Triathlons are normally for more advanced athletes who want to challenge themselves on another level. Biking and swimming gear will be required, including an athlete bike with a flashlight for night rides and a wetsuit for the swimmers. There is also have the option of splitting the courses between two or three people, so if you're a good runner and you have a couple friends who like to swim and like to bike, this is a good option!


Duathlons are like triathlons but without the swimming. They're perfect for runners who also love biking. Participants must provide their own athletic bike and gear.


Swimruns are a good way to get runners and swimmers out of their comfort zone without having to invest in biking equipment.